Saturday, March 1, 2008

Things I did yesterday.

  • poas, negative.
  • bought another pregnancy test, an ept because I think they're more accurate.
  • read on the side of the box that the test is only 53% accurate 4 days before your missed period.
  • willed myself not to waste the ten dollars I spent on the test by poas again.
  • obsessed over my potentially not but if not my mind is surely a powerful thing achy boobs.
  • ate six, yes SIX reese's peanut butter eggs because I can not resist at easter time and I am a comfort eater.
  • weighed myself to check the effect of dining on peanut butter eggs for lunch. (thus far, no effect.)
  • was too sensitive to my toddler's totally toddler-like behavior, which included crushing graham crackers into the couch with pure joy, over and over again. and then again.
  • ate some sushi.
  • watched Thursday's dvred episode of lost.
  • went to bed at 9.

CD 30
11 or 12 dpo
1500 mg metformin
prenatal vitamin


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FiestyKel said...

best of luck for this cycle!